Be Part of staff

Our game is managed by players! Every member of staff was where you are now, reading this description and asking himself if he could be the right person for improve server standards.

Before apply be sure t have paly a period, to like the game, be much online and be a pacific person.
For apply you have to be at least 18 years old.


Application types


Game Sage:

  • Help new players to settle in the game
  • Help GM to enforce the rules of the game.
  • Make as intermediary between the others players and ADM.
  • Help GM to organize Events


Game Master:

  • Follow Players questions and problems.
  • Organize Events always new and funny.
  • Check that there are no effractions.


  • You have to have experiene as programmer or designer, better if already with shaiya.
  • Have patience to do even boring works.

Apply for a position
Account Name
Describe why you want to apply
Talk about yourself (What kind of player you are, what you expect from be a staff member)